nightshade_03 (nightshade_03) wrote in sga_storyfinder,

McShep -- McKay unknowingly experiences John's dreams

I really hope someone can help me with this, I asked around on another community a few months back but no one was able to find it.

I came across a story where for some reason Rodney begins to experience John's dreams, except he thinks he's having his own sex dreams about John. There's a point where John makes a comment about how even in his dreams Rodney is difficult or something and Rodney scoffs at him but gets distracted due to sexy times.

I can't remember if he figures out that they're in each other's heads at some point, but I do know that if he did he doesn't say anything about it because hey, they're attracted to each other and it's not 'real' so why not.

Anyway, it all comes to a head when one of the dreams is a domestic scene, no sex just John telling him that they're going curtain shopping and he realises that John is in love with him. he confronts John about it and I can't remember much else.

I found it on someone's personal rec site but then a week later the person locked her blog and I wasn't able to refind it.

Really hope someone can help me with this.
Tags: fic request, john/rodney, mcshep, pwp, stargate atlantis sga
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