wrong_song (wrong_song) wrote in sga_storyfinder,

Tabula Rasa AU, and other general recs

Hi! I've been out of the fandom for years, but I've been on a rewatch binge (currently through Tabula Rasa) and now I'm craving fic.

1. I'm looking for any Tabula Rasa AUs or memory loss fic in general.

2. Specifically, I think I remember reading a fic where the team members wake up in a cave without their memories. I believe it was Rodney's POV.

3. Any gen, hurt-comfort (preferably Sheppard) recs? I used to devour these around the time the show was airing, and I'd love to either discover new ones or rediscover old ones.

4. Any fics where Sheppard gets taken over in some way (alien entity/turns into a vampire/whatever else you can think of.)

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