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FOUND!:FIC SEARCH: Rodney Mckay/John Sheppard

I've been trying to find a fic I read a while ago, it was an sga fic in which a kid is from a parrallel/alternate universe and is the kid of john and rodney mckay, she sees a universe where rodney and john aren't together and do not have kids. She decides to use a device to travel there to get them together romantically. Rodney figures out how to get her home and the alternat rodney and john send back a note telling what planet they got their kid from.I have been searching everywhere and cant find it. I would appreciate any help in finding it even if it is to find out it is deleted from the Internet. I would like to know so I can stop looking. Thank you in advance to anyone who takes the time to read and or respond. Also I would appreciate it if there are tags im missing, that someone tells me so I can fix it. FOUND:http://lallybroch.livejournal.com/30336.html
Tags: found, john/rodney, kidfic, sga
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