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Please help me.

Hi everyone,
I read a SGA fic ages ago and now I can't find it anywhere.
The plot roughly was:   John got turned into a woman (i cant really remember how).  After a while he/she ended up sleeping with Rodney and getting pregnant.  They find a was to turn John back to male. John doesn't know if he should he should keep the baby and stay female, or have an abortion and turn back to Male.  He also has a slight dilemma as to if Rodney would like his body or him as a male or if it's just the female him that he's attracted to.

Ok folks
I'm not completely sure that that was how it went, I might be mixing to together.

But if anyone could please help me find it,  It will be greatly aprechiated.

Tags: gender bending, john/rodney, sga
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