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Thursday, December 15th, 2016
6:03 pm - Help looking for a Mcshep Fic.
mars819 Hello! I was looking for a fanfic, it's a John/Rodney one. They get found out as a couple and are removed from Atlantis, because of DADT, I think and sent back to earth. Well, Atlantis, who was "Alive" did not like this, and refused to work for anyone. Small things like doors not opening until almost nothing work. So they had to bring back John and Rodney and Atlantis lite up and worked like nothing was ever wrong, she wasn't going to do anything without her soldier and scientist.

Thank you for reading this! Any help would be great! Thanks!!

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Friday, November 11th, 2016
8:14 pm - John never went to Atlantis fic
neonpistachio I've been looking for this for ages: it's a story where John never goes to Atlantis, he gets discharged after Afghanistan with PTSD. He ends up living in Rodney's house, which Rodney has rented out whilst he's in Atlantis. He finds Rodney's diary and reads it, and he ends up geting obsessed. He also rescues Rodney's cat from the shelter. Then Rodney shows up.
Does anyone know where I can find this?

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Thursday, January 28th, 2016
4:47 pm - FOUND!:FIC SEARCH: Rodney Mckay/John Sheppard
jasmineaeon I've been trying to find a fic I read a while ago, it was an sga fic in which a kid is from a parrallel/alternate universe and is the kid of john and rodney mckay, she sees a universe where rodney and john aren't together and do not have kids. She decides to use a device to travel there to get them together romantically. Rodney figures out how to get her home and the alternat rodney and john send back a note telling what planet they got their kid from.I have been searching everywhere and cant find it. I would appreciate any help in finding it even if it is to find out it is deleted from the Internet. I would like to know so I can stop looking. Thank you in advance to anyone who takes the time to read and or respond. Also I would appreciate it if there are tags im missing, that someone tells me so I can fix it. FOUND:http://lallybroch.livejournal.com/30336.html

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Sunday, January 10th, 2016
9:40 pm - ronon/mckay with john watching

I can't remember much, as it's been such a long time since I've read this, but I think McKay, Ronon, John, and Teyla go on a planet, and i think they find a cave or something and there's some sort of aphrodisiac in the air and ronon starts kissing mckay and john gets turned on wathcing them and gets himself off while watching rodney and ronon. That's really all I remember, unfortunately.

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Saturday, September 5th, 2015
9:30 pm - Atlantis leaves earth...
weirdredstreak i don't remember much about this but it is set post enemy at the gate and Atlantis is leaving Earth - Keller and Rodney have some kind of fight/argument and break up i think she throws him out of the room they were sharing he goes to John not knowing where else to go... John had gotten new furniture for his room while on Earth - i'm pretty sure there was a couch and possibly a really big bed. Both Keller and Rodney offered their old room to other friends... Eventually John and Rodney get together

There is one particular scene i remember where they are sleeping and there was a problem elsewhere in Atlantis and they were trying to avoid disturbing them someone repelled down the balcony form above...

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Friday, August 7th, 2015
11:41 pm - The story where McKay believes that Sheppard and Carter are an illusion,
hickman1937 He believes that the bad guys are trying to get his codes.

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Saturday, October 25th, 2014
4:20 pm - Looking for Captive!Rodney forced to create nuclear energy fic

Hey. So I read this story where John and Rodney are visiting Jeannie or Dave (not sure which) because Rodney needed time off. It might be Dave, because Rodney talked about what happened in terms of 'nation-states' or whatnot, rather than planets in the Pegasus Galaxy.

Rodney was helping people on a planet in Pegasus, with permission, to upgrade their tech to run clean nuclear energy as a power source. While he was on the planet, a rival faction/nation captured him and forced him to do the same for them, only they wanted the nuclear tech weaponized, or they don't listen to him and create a huge nuclear accident.

Rodney is crushed, depressed, and angry when one side nukes the other. He is upset because, as he tells his sister (or whomever they visited after), all they had to do was ask for help, and he would have helped them.

So he is back on Earth, trying to get over his captivity, when the story opens. He opens up about what happened throughout the story. No other scientists were held, just him.

Thanks for any info. I don't think the story is 'Catalyst'.

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Friday, August 8th, 2014
10:17 pm - McShep -- McKay unknowingly experiences John's dreams

I really hope someone can help me with this, I asked around on another community a few months back but no one was able to find it.

I came across a story where for some reason Rodney begins to experience John's dreams, except he thinks he's having his own sex dreams about John. There's a point where John makes a comment about how even in his dreams Rodney is difficult or something and Rodney scoffs at him but gets distracted due to sexy times.

I can't remember if he figures out that they're in each other's heads at some point, but I do know that if he did he doesn't say anything about it because hey, they're attracted to each other and it's not 'real' so why not.

Anyway, it all comes to a head when one of the dreams is a domestic scene, no sex just John telling him that they're going curtain shopping and he realises that John is in love with him. he confronts John about it and I can't remember much else.

I found it on someone's personal rec site but then a week later the person locked her blog and I wasn't able to refind it.

Really hope someone can help me with this.

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Tuesday, August 5th, 2014
6:53 pm - Help!

Hello, I am looking for an Atlantis slash fic John/Rodney that I think takes places during 1x09 Home. All I can remember is that Rodney shows up and he and John have sex in the bathroom. I'm not sure but I think Rodney didn't remember what happened when the first got back to Atlantis.

Any ideas?


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Sunday, July 6th, 2014
6:30 am - Lorne consoles Mckay after losing John

John gets killed and Rodney goes a little crazy. He moved to a cabin in the woods and has to take pills for anxiety and see a shrink. Lorne runs across him by accident,doesn't recognize him right away. When he does figure out who Rodney is with help from people at Cheyenne Mt. he decides to help him. I think Cameron shows up in a later chapter and also wants to help.Im not sure but I think it was not finished. Anyone who can help remember this story and pass it on, I would be grateful.Thanks.

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Monday, June 16th, 2014
8:18 pm - John Death fic

A while ago I was browsing through fics and came to one that went something like this...

The team were meeting with some people they had no cause to treat as a threat (I don't think). The leader of the community asked, "Who is your leader?"
John stepped forward and said, "That would be me."
Where upon the leader of the community pulled out a weapon and shot him. The fic then said (and this is about the only thing I remember clearly). And just like that. John Sheppard was dead.

I wasn't in the right headspace to be reading anything like that at the time. I was shocked and backpaged out of there in a hurry.

Only it's been bugging me and I want to know why and I want to know what happened next. And I want to know if it really was a death fic or if somehow John revived/rose from the dead/haunted Rodney/whatever.

Does anyone know what story that is?

Found - thank you. And it is a really great story. Nicely timey whimey to quote another SciFi classic.
Speranza's Ok Computer http://trickster.org/speranza/cesper/OKComputer.html

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Tuesday, April 1st, 2014
7:18 pm - Tabula Rasa AU, and other general recs

Hi! I've been out of the fandom for years, but I've been on a rewatch binge (currently through Tabula Rasa) and now I'm craving fic.

1. I'm looking for any Tabula Rasa AUs or memory loss fic in general.

2. Specifically, I think I remember reading a fic where the team members wake up in a cave without their memories. I believe it was Rodney's POV.

3. Any gen, hurt-comfort (preferably Sheppard) recs? I used to devour these around the time the show was airing, and I'd love to either discover new ones or rediscover old ones.

4. Any fics where Sheppard gets taken over in some way (alien entity/turns into a vampire/whatever else you can think of.)


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Sunday, December 15th, 2013
8:53 pm - Trying to find an Atlantis story with them escaping/recovering from being taken over by the Trust

Hi All,

I just can't remember the name of this story. Jack, Daniel et al arrive at Atlantis by ship (they were a bit delayed by ship malfunction). They find an Atlantis that is in the grasp of the Trust. The story was, Stargate people turned up on a ship, were welcomed with open arms and then brutally took over. Turns out they were the Trust. Now when Jack and co turn up *in exactly the same way*, Altantis personnel are rightfuly paranoid and wary. The Trust imprisoned/tortured Sheppard and some of the Athosians. They claim that Sheppard is mutinying (or some such) but O'Neill isn't buying it however much he may seem to be paying lip service to the Trust people in charge. Rodney (and others?) were able to hide and have been trying to help the Atlanteans/Athosians against the Trust.

Jack is trying to get Atlantean people to trust him (possibly feels like Atlantis is talking to him), stuff happens, Trust get kicked out/flee, Daniel gets the title of best hostage ever, Sheppard gets kidnapped by Trust again (I think) and Atlantis and SG1 personnel have to co-operate to retrieve him?

At the end, the IOA is coming to inspect and Atlantis is still a bit paranoid. They have a number of refugees (including kids) on station and they are recovering/partying/swimming/have an Athosian ceremony of thanks when O'Neill brings members of the IOA down early. O'Neill knows if the IOA sees Atlantis as it really is the IOA members won't believe the Trust's lies that Atlantis tried to secede/breakaway/rebel against the SGC and IOA.

Please, does anyone know this story? It's all kinds of awesome and touching and heartbreaking and you can feel the desperation of the Atlantis people in the face of these odds.



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Tuesday, November 5th, 2013
3:44 am - A story where offworld Sheppard seems be getting beaten
hickman1937 Rodney stormes in and stops it but finds that it was consensual. Ends up mcshep.

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Thursday, August 1st, 2013
8:03 pm - Please help me.

Hi everyone,
I read a SGA fic ages ago and now I can't find it anywhere.
The plot roughly was:   John got turned into a woman (i cant really remember how).  After a while he/she ended up sleeping with Rodney and getting pregnant.  They find a was to turn John back to male. John doesn't know if he should he should keep the baby and stay female, or have an abortion and turn back to Male.  He also has a slight dilemma as to if Rodney would like his body or him as a male or if it's just the female him that he's attracted to.

Ok folks
I'm not completely sure that that was how it went, I might be mixing to together.

But if anyone could please help me find it,  It will be greatly aprechiated.


current mood: sleepy

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Wednesday, July 17th, 2013
12:40 pm - A beautiful lifetime moment

I am looking for a story called A beautiful lifetime moment. It's a Stargate Atlantis Fic. I can't seem to find it anywhere. So if anyone can help I will be grateful.

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Saturday, June 29th, 2013
10:41 pm - newbie here

Hi Folks, I'm brand new to the show (sad I know) and the fandom.
Are there any good fic rec pages out there? I know some of this stuff is old, so preferably pages that are still maintained and have working links.

I'm really liking what I'm seeing of Sheppard, what a surprise, but happy to look at any good fics.

It is much easier to get into an established fandom and find the good writers from some other reader's recs. If you have any "must reads" yourselves, I'd be pleased to hear of them.

Many thanks

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Monday, June 24th, 2013
11:52 pm - I am begging here

I am trying to find a fic I think is called The Well. Atlantis get's over run and the people of Atlantis get sold off as slaves. It's beautifully written and I would love to read it again. If this helps Rodney, John and Carson are all in a relationship, Weir is still with them.

Please help me find it

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Wednesday, May 29th, 2013
11:25 pm - Looking for a fic

i am looking for a story on fanfiction.net its where atlantis has goon back to pegasus after being on earth and they go to a planet were they have a defence satellies and they land and merge with a larger city on the planet. they find out they have a shipyard.

thanks for the help

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Monday, April 22nd, 2013
7:13 pm - Anti-Touch Rodney


I'm looking for (and starting to wonder if there are any ) stories where Rodney does not like being touched, or touching.
More the former then the latter.
I've found several where John doesn't like to be touched (and of course gets over it with Rodney) but I haven't found a single one where Rodney is the one with the "don't touch me" problem.

Thanks in advance to anyone able to help me out.


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